Specialist To Serve You

Daniel Charles

Also known as Chawrly B. Photographer and Videographer with over five years of shooting experienced. Nature lover with an intuition for the city locations. Capable of photo editing. 

Anthony Perri

Masters in Writing. Author and chief editor for Rhozeland Blog. Strong for proposals and grant writing, along with creative logic for copywriting and branding.

Michael Le

A natural attraction to conceptualizing possibilities and solutions.  This inclination has prompted him to pursue media in all forms and embrace the desire to design on all creative fronts.  Michael has been part of many phenomenal pursuits during his career, ranging from hands-on to project lead.

David Migueles

David Migueles, also known as Straightdizzy, is an in-house sound engineer and producer at Rhozeland. He specializes in song writing and music production.  He comes from Cuban and Colombian heritage while being born and raised in Toronto, Canada. He feels deep passion for music, and the culinary arts.

Marvin Ceron

Marv is an audio engineer, music producer and artist from Toronto, ON.  With 4 years of experience Marv began as a self-taught producer but then decided to pursue Audio Engineering and in 2019 began training at Trebas Institute of Audio Technology .  Marv has also taken charge of the social media accounts for Rhozeland which allows him to coordinate posts and engage with potential clients.

Julian Wilson

Video editor and hands on technician for the studio. 

Deniella Alexis

Model, actress, and creative director. Deniella has a bright approach to conceptualizing ideas.