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Stop All Yer Squawkin' Aboot the Fawkin' Squaw, Alright?

Jordan Addae

Tuh be read in yer best Hoser or Injun accent.

In the last few months, the Canadian government ‘n mainstream media—which are now effectively a single fawkin' entity—’n the Social Justice Nation, have been chirpin' aboot the abuse some Injun kids endured during their stays in the residential schools. Which, frankly, we couldn’t care less aboot. ‘N we suspect none o' ‘em really give a shit, either.

Since we were knee high tuh a maple saplin’, the perception that European settlers manhandled ‘n mistreated the red man have been goin’ around. But there's some'n a li'l fishy aboot the amount o’ intrigue the matter has recently been injected with, eh.