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Improving Communication and Collaboration in Your Company

Updated: Jan 25

Article Written by: J. Lovelace | In Collaboration with Work Can Wait

Photo by Pexels

The success of a business is often determined by the communication and collaboration of its team. If staff members are not setting objectives, providing feedback, and celebrating successes, then they can quickly become disinterested in their jobs and the company’s overall mission. In today’s post, Rhozeland shares some helpful tips that will encourage more communication and collaboration within your company.

Ensure Clear Communication and Collaboration

Setting clear, SMART objectives for all employees is essential to a company's success. This provides a framework for everyone in the organization to work from and ensures objectives are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. Doing so promotes better communication and collaboration among team members and allows them to work more efficiently and effectively toward shared goals.

Improve Employee Performance with Feedback

Consistent feedback is critical for employees. Not only does it provide them with reassurances of their strengths, but it also presents opportunities for improvement. This allows staff to establish goals, remain motivated and productive, and enables managers to observe potential issues within the team. Ultimately, this type of communication aids in fostering a healthy work environment that encourages growth.

Since formal one-on-one meetings can be a little intimidating, try starting with walking meetings instead. Remember that your meeting should still have some confidentiality, so avoid simply walking through your building. Instead, walk through the grounds or neighborhood or through a pedestrian-friendly area where you could treat your employee to a caffeinated beverage. 

Celebrate Those Little Victories

Acknowledging the successes of team members is an important part of fostering a motivated work environment. Recognizing and celebrating milestones, big or small, reinforces the appreciation everyone feels for the efforts they are putting into their work. This positive reinforcement helps boost morale and encourages further collaboration toward successful outcomes for each individual and for the team as a whole.

Promote Team-Building Exercises

Team-building activities foster relationships among colleagues while helping teams learn how to work better together towards common goals. For example, having staff engage in an escape room activity could help bring out creative problem-solving skills while simultaneously having fun. Other activities such as sports games or virtual happy hours can also help people connect with one another outside of their professional roles which can lead to improved collaboration when working on projects together down the line.

If there has been a fallout between a few employees, now is the time to address the issue head on and work to regain trust. Letting these encounters fall to the wayside will only make things worse and it may potentially develop into a toxic work environment. Instead, work together to acknowledge the issue, talk through it, and move past it.

Maximize Efficiency and Collaboration

A cloud-based project management platform can provide all the tools needed to help teams communicate effectively and stay connected even when they are separated by distance. These platforms allow users access to shared documents, resources, and project progress updates in real time, regardless of language or regional differences. The integrated solutions of these platforms can be extremely useful for remote teams.

Benefits of Face-to-Face Interactions

Although many companies have shifted to remote work, having face-to-face interactions with colleagues still has its benefits, regardless of where you are located geographically. Encouraging these types of interactions through virtual meetings can help deepen understanding between colleagues, which translates into better teamwork when collaborating on projects together down the line. Even if those colleagues happen to be thousands of miles away from each other.

Create a Healthy Workplace Environment

Establishing a successful business relies heavily on creating an environment where effective communication and collaboration among staff members are encouraged. This is especially true when it comes to remote-based workers. To promote collaboration and communication, clear objectives should be set, a cloud-based project management tool can be implemented, and team-building activities should be scheduled. If these practices are followed properly, it will result in a more successful and cohesive organization.

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