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JOIN the Rhozeland Creative Team


Daniel Charles

Specialist [2018 — present]

Photo & Video

Marvin Ceron

Specialist [2021 — present]


David Migueles

Specialist [2018 — present]


Madiha Jabbar

Specialist Jr. [2023 — present]


Our History

Rhozeland's journey in the creative industry has been fueled by a deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of independent artists. Their experience has taught them the vital importance of providing creatives with a dedicated space to nurture and bring their artistic vision to life. This realization gave birth to Rhozeland Design Studio, a physical hub where artists, musicians, filmmakers, and creators of all kinds converge to record audio, shoot videos, exchange ideas, and embark on collaborative ventures.

Michael Lé [years active 2016 present]

Rhozeland's experienced team, led by founder and director Michael Lé, oversees operations. With over 10 years of experience in the creative industry, Michael has guided and supported a variety of artists and creatives, providing creative solutions to bring their projects to life. The team also includes skilled music engineers and producers, visual creators, and other media specialists who have developed successful campaigns and product releases for various clients across industries. Lé will serve as the Chairman of the Studio to ensure Rhozeland aligns with its vision.

Rhozeland Studio [circa 2021 present​]

Today, in 2023, Rhozeland has transformed into a digital studio space focused on immersion for creativity. We proudly inaugurated our flagship design studio, a haven that seamlessly combines visual and sound elements for creative individuals to co-create. Recognizing the importance of bridging the gap between physical and digital realms, Rhozeland saw the opening of the studio as a significant step towards the realization of the digital studio concept, seamlessly connected within the premises of their physical space.

Rhozeland Collective [circa 2016 2020]

Rhozeland was a way for locals from the city to come together creatively. Resonating as a collective, Rhozeland as a business and has undergone a significant transformation since its inception in 2017 as a collective of friends to its current state as a thriving business with a focus on digital immersion for creativity. In 2020, Rhozeland was founded as a space where artists of all ages and abilities could come together to create and collaborate.

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