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We offer an array of resources at your disposal.

In-studio equipment

Sound & audio engineer

Photographer / videographer


Each booking comes free of charge:

- Multi-layered studio desk
- Yamaha HS8 PAIR speakers
- Rodes NT2-A microphone
- Mounted TV wall monitor
- ASUS Computer monitor
- Komplete Kontrol S49 keyboard


Each booking comes free of charge:

- 9ft wide coloured seamless paper backdrop (available colours: white, blue, red, yellow, purple, blue, green, black)
- GVM 800D-RGB LED studio 3-video light kit
- APEMAN M4 mini portable projector
- Steamer, rolling racks, hangers, body mirror, sandbags, tripods


Each accommodation features:

- On floor assistance, technician on-call
- Ample parking located
- 5G Wifi
- Heating and A/C
- Kitchen and bathroom

We currently operate at our private multimedia studio is located at the heart of west downtown Toronto, 894 College Street.